To really add to the glory of the stag party in Budapest you can order spectacular erotic shows that could be a part of the pleasure-boat option, dinners (the stag dinner, traditional Hungarian dinner, wine dinner or the medieval dinner), the airport pick-up (the bus, limousine or Hummer), city cruising (the bus, limousine or Hummer), the party bus, or you can surprise the stag with an erotic show at his hotel room (discussion with the hotel in advance is necessary and a sound system is required). Regardless of which erotic programme you choose, during the show the stag will be involved. From the stag’s point of view it is not humiliating and it makes the other group members laugh. Guaranteed fun!
Available programmes:
Classical Striptease or lesbian show
Sexy girl or girls in sexy clothes at the beginning of the show, in sexy lingerie in the middle of the show and stripped down to nothing by the end of the show. The stag will be involved!
Rider: In the case of a pleasure boat the price is different should you order only one dancer
Striptease or lesbian show with a specific scene and costume
Sexy girl or girls in whatever costume you think will work for the stag. The classic “sexy secretary,” “red-hot teacher,” “sexy police woman,”,”super-dominatrix nurse” etc… such fantasies are not new ones and there is no need to fantasise now! These passionate and heated shows perhaps may well make the stag’s – or your – dreams come true.
Limousine or Hummer show
What a ride! A sexy girl or girls serves you champagne and afterwards you can watch a spectacular striptease or lesbian show.

Tequila show

Have a Tequila in a way you may never had one before. The Tequila is poured into glasses, which so far is all quite run-of-the-mill, but additional lemon and salt are then served in an unusual way. They are tastefully arranged on the body of a beautiful girl! As soon as the lemon and salt are taken off her body she will entertain your group with a passionate, red- hot striptease show. Cheers!
Rider: The cost of the Tequila is not included in the price!

Dessert girl
Sweet, tempting and appetising! Not just the fruit and cream but the girl as well, whose body is covered with them. The best bites are for the stag! The salacious striptease show that comes afterwards will add the topping.

Surprise show
This surprise is as big as at least 100 kg/16 stone! A very attractive girl starts to dance for the stag and during the show she chains his hands to the chair and blindfolds him. A larger lady (above 100 kg/ 16) comes in and continues the dance! The surprise comes when the blindfold comes off.

Guiding prices:
Classical shows:

striptease show: € 110 / £ 95 / show
lesbian show: € / £ 212 / 183 / show
Show with a specific scene and costume (Sexy secretary, Red-hot teacher, Sexy police woman, Super-dominatrix nurse,
Prisoner etc…):
striptease show: € 130 / £ 113 / show
lesbian show: € 252 / £ 218 / show
E-mail us and let us know the scene you would like to book

Limousine or hummer show
striptease show: € 110 / £ 95 / show
lesbian show: € 212 / £ 183 / show
Tequila show: € 130 / £ 113 / show
Surprise show€ 130 / £ 113 / show
Dessert girl: € 130 / £ 113 / show

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