Are you looking for some really high-adrenaline excitement for your stag weekend in Budapest? Have you ever raced a Trabant, or more to the point, have you ever driven one? Now, through our Trabant rally and scrap-car racing derby programme, you can have the opportunity to experience a real adrenaline jaunt through driving a Trabant.
The guide will meet you at a previously-arranged time and location and the bus taking you to the track will arrive 20 minutes later. Once you have arrived you will be given instructions and receive your safety equipment (crash helmet, hygienic mask, overalls and dust goggles). The programme starts with a speed and skills-based Trabant rally race. Each racer will have a 5-10 minute-long warm up so they can get acquainted with the Trabant, and after that the rally will begin. Each race is 10 laps and the winner is whoever crosses the finish line first! A maximum of 5 cars will be on the track at any one time. The best 3 drivers will receive a cup, medal and one bottle of champagne to spray on each other and on the losers.
During the second part of the programme you can also experience a scrap-car race derby. First you will be given the safety instructions, the rules and then the collision-packed derby will begin! You can hit the cars in front of you and next to you. In fact, that’s the point! However, for safety reasons there are strict rules about where you can hit the other cars or to be more precise, where you can not! The derby lasts until the last car has finished circling.

During the programmes people who are not racing can keep track of the rally and the destruction from a small hill that is located in the middle of the course. The minimum number of cars you have to rent is 5. That is enough for a maximum number of 15 people. In the case of bigger groups, please contact us for the price.

Guiding price: € 2500 / £ 2165 / group – max. 15 peop

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Friday, Oct 7, 2022
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