Funny stag do rules or forfeits are a must for any stag party. Stag party forfeits will get the conversation flowing and create memorable stories for the wedding guests.

We didn’t just want to give you the rules without giving you the forfeits. We’ve compiled a complete list of the most outrageous stag do dare, forfeits, and other stag party humiliations for you guys to attempt…

Stag Do Rules

The Golden Rule: What happens at the stag parties stays at the stag parties!

Everyone must call one another by their full names (first and last) and not by nickname or shorthand.

Everybody must have a good time with their bad hands.

Before anyone can leave a pub, everyone must hug a stranger

No swearing

No photos allowed

No one is allowed to say “no.”

A round of golf is something that no one can miss.

When someone finishes drinking, they must shout “sausage.”

Talking about your work or home life is not allowed

Each person in the group must purchase a round of shots to be able to exit the pub.

Stag Do Forfeits

You can also try these Stag Party Forfeits if anyone breaks the rules

Grin and Bear It

This forfeited lad must find the largest, beefiest man in the pub to order him a Cocksucking Cowboy (butterscotch & baileys). Additional points are awarded if they wave and give him a wink…

You can raise the stakes by giving him a kiss

The Flirt

Approach a man at the bar and start flirting as you have never done. Imagine Pamela Anderson as a single woman, ready to mingle. Smile, laugh, compliment, and giggle with them.

Increase the stakes by getting their number.

Dancing Monkey

Choose a dance move to perform.

Get out of your comfort zone and find someone to join you in the pub.

One Picture Can Speak a Thousand Words

This is only for the stag. For the entire weekend, you should find the most embarrassing photo of your stag.

The stakes are raised: He must tag his fiancee in the photo.

Chilli Burns

You should ensure that someone in your group goes to the supermarket before you arrive and grabs some hot chilis. The unlucky boy will eat the chilis and then beg for more. They’ll soon be begging for more alcohol, and they will be on their ears before you know it.

It would help if you raised the stakes. Ensure the barman has been given strict instructions not to give them water.

Lock Of Hair

You can try to get a lady with long flowing locks to give you a token of appreciation for the Stag Weekend.

Raising the stakes: This one is for the slapheads in the group. Get them to put the hair on their shiny crown.

Fancy Dress

This one should be planned well in advance. You should bring the most ridiculous, embarrassing costume you can find. Have it ready for the unlucky lads to try when they break the Stag Party rules. High heels and a skimpy bikini are sure to bring a few laughs.

Make it more dramatic: Add mascara and a lippy to complete the look.

Gay Wedding

This one is reserved for two members of the group. The proposal must be made by one of the group members. The pair must remain arm-in-arm for the remainder of their time at the pub.

Increase the stakes by a 5-second kiss on the lips each other to seal the deal.

Fake Tan

Make sure you have a fake tan on hand. Choose a part of your body to apply it. You can use one hand or half your face. Do not be afraid to apply generously.

You can ask them to wear white shirts to make their tan stand out.

You can dance like everyone is watching.

For 30 minutes, dance around the pub like a madman. Get close to everyone at the table. Your best dance moves are encouraged. John Travolta, eat your heart!

You can raise the stakes by dancing at the bar. Just make sure you don’t get kicked out!

The Onesie

A bright pink onesie is a great option. It can be easily slipped on and off for anyone who violates the rules.

Increase the stakes by acquiring 10 photos of members of the public hugging.

The Toilets

They must run to the bathroom every time they need one, shouting, “I’m prairie dogging!”

You can raise the stakes by using the ladies’ toilet.

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