Future brides are often worried about their future husbands’ appearance after the stag party. Check out these top tips to help you deal with stress at a stag event.


It’s a good idea to have a stag do with your husband-to-be. For a happy and long-lasting marriage, it is vital to have open discussions. You can tell your husband if you don’t like the idea of him having a prostitute, but he must decide if you are willing to accept it. You should set the boundaries for his stag party, but also for your hen night. If you agree to it, he might be more open to the idea of a ‘no touching strippers’ pact.

Demonstrate that you are trustworthy

Your fiance is the reason you are getting married. Although stag parties are a great excuse to have a lot of fun, there is no reason to believe that your fiance will do anything to upset you. You are denying your partner the opportunity to have a stag do. This is essentially saying that you don’t believe in him and his friends. You are showing your love by encouraging him to go to stag parties.

Expect the worst

While your thoughts will likely be filled with sex, tricks and sleaze when you think of his stag do, many men now choose to engage in more innocent activities. Popular stag activities include quad biking, canoeing and fishing. These activities may be followed by a barbecue and a few drinks, or dinner at a club. But the emphasis is on having fun with their friends, not watching half-naked women.

Select the right date

Discuss when you feel the stag or hen party should be held. The traditional stag party was held the night before the wedding. However, most grooms hold theirs several weeks prior to the big day. You should leave at least one month between the stag party and the wedding if you are concerned about your partner’s friends cutting his hair or drawing glasses on his face using magic markers.

You should be busy

Make sure you have enough to do on the day of your stag party so that you don’t constantly think about him. You can also organize your own hen party. You could also plan some chores for the wedding that are simpler with him out of it, invite the girls over for some girly movies and a sleepover or go out for some shopping and a nice meal.

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