Driving an Ariel Atom at top speed – above 220 km/h!!! i.e. 136 mph!!! – will leave you breathless! It promises “the most fun you can have with your clothes on” during your stag weekend in Budapest. The Ariel Atom is the third-fastest car in the world and probably the fastest you will have ever driven. It is unbelievably light and fast, it speeds like a savage motorbike and turns like a real racing car. However, this astonishing sports car is really beyond such comparisons.
The guide will meet your group at a previously-arranged time and location and the bus will turn up 30 minutes later. We will transfer you to a venue 40 km from Budapest city centre where your adrenaline-supercharged test drive of a lifetime will take place. On arrival you will be given instructions, receive your crash helmet and than the test drive will begin. During the programme an experienced instructor will sit next to you and in any case of emergency will stop the car.
You can choose from the following programmes:
Ariel Atom basic
This programme familiarises you with the power of the car. You will drive on an 800 m-long (0.5 miles) straight course. On the course you will do 8 lengths as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd length: Attainable speed 150 km / h (93 mph). During the driving there will be two braking tests. The power is 100 hp.
  • 3rd and 4th length: Attainable speed 190 km / h (118 mph). The power is 200 hp.
  • 5th and 6th length: Attainable speed is above 220 km / h (136 mph). The power is 300 hp.
    The driving time is about 15 minutes per person.
    Ariel Atom basic + advanced
    This programme familiarises you with the power and turning capacity of the car. First you will complete the basic course and than you will have to pass through 16 buoy gates that are located on a 4000 m2 area. You have to go through the gates in a given order. The programme goes as follows:
  1. Basic course as you can see above.
  2. Advanced course:
  • 1st mission: Recalling the power of the car with 200 hp and 300 hp and gear-change practising.
  • 2nd mission: Memorising the course at slow speed.
  • 3rd mission: Completing the course at medium speed (200 hp).
  • 4th mission : Completing the course at high speed (200 hp).
  • 5th mission: Completing the course at medium speed (300 hp).
  • 6th mission : Completing the course at high speed (300 hp).
    Driving time is about 40 minutes per person.
    The minimum number of participants is 6 people.
    Guiding Prices:
    Ariel Atom Basic: € 135 / £ 117 / person
    Ariel Atom Basic + Advanced: € 250 / £ 217 / person
    Ariel Atom Basic + Porsche 911: € 270 / £ 235 / person

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