We have compiled a list of the top stag party activities in Ireland. There are many options for stag weekend activities, including a visit to Dick Mack’s brewery in Dingle, a pub crawl through Connemara and whiskey blending in Dublin.

Even wine tasting is possible in Limerick! However, the sophistication level might decrease slightly after tasting a range of wines.

Dublin – Whiskey Blending Experience

Every lad loves a little bit of Irish whiskey. A whiskey blending experience in Dublin is a great way to spice up your stag do.

After a tour of The Irish Whiskey Museum, your lads will taste four whiskeys before moving on to a blending workshop where they can create their mix. After tasting your blend, each stag party member will take home a small bottle to enjoy later.

Belfast – Cursed Goblet Potion Classes

The popular cursed goblet potion classes are a great activity for Harry Potter fans.

You will be a big hit with your stag party if you book them to visit Professor Phileas Fisherwick’s Magical World. Here, Potion Prodigies learn how to make 3 potions. Each one has its unique traits and effects.

Your stag party boys will join other groups to form a larger class. You’ll be given a magic wand upon entry which is key to many of the concoctions, and a robe, purely for fashion purposes (very popular this season #WizardStyle).

Dingle – Brewery Tour & Pint

After a Dick Macks brewery tour, get ready to mix and mingle in Dingle. Dick Mack’s Pub, located in the heart of Dingle, opened its doors in 1899. It has been a local favourite watering hole for many decades. Today, Dick Mack’s grandson and his two friends are still working in the brewery that was recently opened.

A tour of the brewery will be enjoyed by you and your friends with a pint of each of Dick Mack’s best brews. You can also finish the tour by visiting the beer garden on sunny days. There you will find great music and local food trucks every weekend.

Galway – Connemara Pub Tour

The Connemara Pub Tour is a great activity to add to any stag do package. This is the ultimate pub crawl in the west. Galway is the perfect place for a stag do!

The pub-crawl bus will pick up your lads from their weekend accommodation or the city centre. Then, you’ll be taken to Connemara, where you can enjoy some authentic old-school Irish pubs.

You never know who or what you might meet, from a 134-year-old man telling stories about how he kicked out the Spanish Armada’s spinach because they stood on his flower beds to a sean no dancing baby sipping whiskey from his bottle and juggling three sheep. These stories are for history books.

Limerick – Wine Tasting Evening

Do you want to bring a touch of sophistication to your stag do? This could be the right choice for you. Wine tasting refers to the sensory evaluation and evaluation of wine. While wine tasting has been practised since the beginning, formal methods were only developed in the 14th century.

This Limerick restaurant will entertain you and your stag party by serving some lesser-known wines and vintages. You can expect a great stag party experience with 6-10 wines.

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