We’ve got the answer if you are trying to plan your next hen or stag party. A personalised product retailer Printer, tells us which hen and stag fashions will be most popular in the coming year.

Rob says that 2022 will be a big year for weddings. This mindset is not only for the wedding but also for the hen or stag dos.

The Rise of the “Sten Do”

A “sten” do a joint wedding stag-hen do where the groom and bride celebrate together. These are steadily growing in popularity, with Google searching for “sten do” seeing an incredible 9900% increase last month.

It is no longer a tradition to have men and women celebrate separately. Many couples enjoy friendship groups, and stag and hen dos are not designed for the same-sex couple. The trend’s popularity is also because it is more affordable. Rob explains that combining stag and hen parties can make them significantly more affordable.

Stag Parties and Hen Parties at Home

At home hen/stag do” – 9600% uplift in searches

Many hens and stag dos prefer to host their party at home rather than go to a destination stag or hen do.

Rob says that this trend is because guests at hen or stag parties are often under pressure. Before the pandemic, the average cost to attend a hen/stag party was PS391 in 2019. Many couples have stopped asking too many of their guests after the pandemic, which caused many to lose their jobs or experience financial hardships. Instead, they prefer a low-key affair.

A hen or stag party can be held at home, but that doesn’t make it less fun than any other event. Rob gives his tips on throwing a hen- or stag party at home.

  • Throw a party in the garden if you have the weather. You can serve cocktails and barbecue.
  • You can host an indoor afternoon tea with sandwiches, finger foods, and prosecco.
  • You can hire entertainers to come to your location. It will be much cheaper than hiring entertainers to come to you.

Small Hen Party, Micro Stag Dos

“Small hen do” – 215.2% uplift in searches

Despite the positive outlook for 2022 and the easement of covid restrictions, there is one trend that will continue. It is the micro hen/stag do.

Rob says that couples prefer to have smaller celebrations with close friends rather than inviting many people. After 18 months of being apart from many close friends, events like hen or stag parties are less about having a big party and more about making up for lost times.

In 2022, the average size of a hen was 14, and a stag was 15, respectively. Many couples want to lower this figure, with an estimated cost of around 10 to 12. Many couples aren’t looking to cut their budgets, even though the groups are smaller. This results in more extravagant celebrations.

Delayed Celebrations

“Hen do after wedding” – most Googled question

A significant increase in micro-weddings was seen during the pandemic. Many couples reduced their larger weddings to just close friends.

Rob points out that despite 260,000 couples postponing weddings to 2021, many decided to keep their 2020 date and scale down their celebrations.

Google reports that “Can you have a Hen Do after your Wedding” is the most popular question about hen does. Many couples want to break with tradition.

“Hen and Stag Dos are no longer considered the ‘last night in freedom’ before marriage and instead are a celebration of the couple.”

Rob adds, “With this in mind it is no surprise that many couples opt to host their hen or stag much later.”

Travel restrictions remain in effect, making it difficult for many of us to make sure everyone is available when we are committed to a specific date. It is a great idea to extend your hen or stag so that those who missed the wedding can still celebrate.

Activities Hen Parties and Active Stag Dos

“Activity Hen Do” – 194% increase in Google Searches

“Activity Stag Do” – 119% increase in searches

Activity-based hen or stag dos will be another big trend in 2022. These take the pressure off of the host and allow everyone else to relax and try something new.

Hosting a murder mystery party is a huge trend that will take off in 2022. Searches for “hen murder mystery” have seen a 9700% increase in searches over the past three months.

Rob says that solving a murder mystery is much easier than you might imagine. A murder mystery night can be affordable for all budgets. There are many options for you to choose from. You can either buy a starter kit that gives you the steps and then go your way. Those with larger budgets may be able to host a whole weekend. Many venues offer immersive experiences across the UK.

For larger groups with many friends or family, a murder mystery can be very appealing. “Activity-based parties are great for ice breaking because it allows guests to get to know one another.”

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