Are you worried about organizing something memorable and fun for your mate, his closest and dearest?

You have so many things to do: organize activities, find somewhere for the family to stay, and ensure everyone is happy. While you are honoured to be chosen Best Man, you also have a long list of things to do and don’t know where you should start.

Don’t worry. The Stag Party Planning specialists at Can Help You Out. We have helped many Best Men put together the perfect send-off for their soon-to-be-married mates.

We can help you get started or give you the plan.

Let’s go out for your Stag Party Planning Activities and Activities

A Google search for “things to do at a stag event” will yield different results. How do you know if the activities are worth your time, that they are safe for stag parties and that you won’t be scammed?

Let’s go out! It is national and UK-wide. This website was created to help people find activities. We have accumulated over 7,000 activities across the UK over the years. We get to know the venues and companies we work with and ensure that they offer great experiences for everyone. Let’s go out!

  • We can tailor a service to meet your budget and needs
  • All sizes are acceptable for group sizes (no minimum nor maximum).
  • National Service with over 7,000 activities
  • Personal service to meet your needs
  • We can organize: Activities, Transport, Hotels, Restaurants, and Nightlife

We have great relationships with venues and activity centres to negotiate the best price for your stag party activity. We can arrange amazing package deals to create a day or weekend that suits different budgets and personalities. We know that the best man knows the groom better than anyone. Therefore, we can help you create a unique event.

Let’s Go Out understands that every stag does unique and can help you organize as many or as few as you like. You don’t have to worry about arranging transport, accommodation, and a lot of fun. We can help you do it all. We can also book activities for you (and at the best price)

Traditional Stag Party Ideas

Stag parties have come to be synonymous with certain activities. We say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Your stag mate should be passionate about your life. Adventure and adrenalin. You can bet he will love quad biking and paintballing. Extreme quad biking trekking is a great way to get off-road. You can explore mature forests, swamps and brooks, open fields, mounds, and open areas. Airsoft is a great alternative to paintballing. Airsoft places a greater emphasis on realistic battle simulation. Magazine-fed weapons and military strategy play a large part in the gameplay.

These outdoor activities are a great way to bond with your stags.

Stag Party Ideas

You can offer your stag something different if you want to make it memorable. You don’t need to ride around on a quad bike across a field; you can now drive around in a 60-ton tank. This is how to make your stag do memorable.

Kayaking to the pub is another option. This mode of transport is more civilized than the typical stag does bar crawl. Enjoy stunning scenery and arrive in style. You’ll be thirsty by the time you get there, and your first pint of beer will taste even better.

What is a “stag” party?

You should know the basics of a stag do. It was likely that your dad went on a stag party with a few friends. There was a lot of drinking and perhaps a few games of pool. People expect scenes straight from The Hangover, not Only Fools and Horses. You can find destination stags in exotic places and thousands of pounds over one weekend. Adrenaline-fueled activities are the norm.

Let’s Go Out believes that every stag party should reflect the person, so forget the clichés. It’s not about spending too much money and getting drunk. It all boils down to the personality and interests of the stag, but it’s not about what they want!

What are your coverage options for the UK at Let’s Go Out?

We have relationships with many companies across the UK. You don’t have to worry about booking transport or accommodation.

What is the cost of a stag do?

What length is a piece of string? The cost of your trip will depend on the activities you choose and whether you are staying for a weekend or just one day. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the entire event is affordable for all, not just those with the most money. Knowing the guests on your guest list will help you determine if they are in the same financial position. Will someone be able to afford a dinner out, or is it more? You can agree to spend a few hundred at a long weekend. But don’t plan anything until you’re sure what everyone is willing to spend.

What is the cost of a stag party?

Similar to a stag do, how long is a string? Let’s Go Out’s stag party planning service is about providing the best stag get possible at a price that won’t break the bank. We will get to know you and your group and create the perfect stag do plan.

Who should I invite to the stag party?

Stag parties often include family members, school friends, and colleagues. It isn’t easy to decide who to invite without speaking to the groom. The groom must have fun at the party. You don’t want to have to manage 40 drunken revellers in your town. 13 people are the average number on a stag, which seems reasonable to us.

How early should I begin to plan my stag?

The tradition of having the stag send-off on the night before the big day was common. People like to have some time to recover between the stag do and the wedding, so confirm the date! Next, ask the groom when they would like to host the get-together. Then pick dates for the group to confirm their availability. It’s important not to offer too many options, or you will be back-and-forth for weeks. It would be great if everyone could attend the event. But don’t be surprised to find some people who are difficult to please. Remember that May-July is the peak season for hens and stags when booking accommodation or activities. It’s never too late to plan.

What should I do next?

Get excited! Get excited! It’s an honour to be chosen as Best Man. He trusts you to organize a send-off to celebrate his end as a single man. Don’t feel that you must plan every party by yourself. If you need help, ask for it.

To learn more about Let’s Go out and how it can help you plan the perfect stag do, please fill in the form below.

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