Summer is here and so is marriage season. There’s a good chance that one of your friends has chosen to marry you.

Although the initial feeling may be great, reality will soon set in.

Being a best man is a great honor and certainly feels special. As Uncle Ben once said, great power comes with great responsibility. There are many responsibilities that fall on you as a best man.

Let’s focus on the fun part, organizing a stag do. It makes perfect sense to have the party at the beach as it is summer. It is important to do something different to make your celebration memorable.

You can certainly have fun with the activities but if you don’t like crowds, these are the perfect beaches for the groom’s last fling before the ring.


Tenerife, like other Spanish cities is a party town. The city is known for its stunning beaches and beautiful seas, which have never failed to impress stag parties. The city has a great nightlife and is equipped to cater for all stag-related needs.

Tenerife is lined with bars and nightclubs as well as classic bars and restaurants that offer some of the best food around. This makes it a great place for stag parties.


Split, which is beautifully located on the Eastern shores the Adriatic Sea, is the undisputed leader in epic stag destination. Split is a perfect blend of rich culture, vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisines. It’s more than just a place to hangover for the guys.

Spend your day satisfying the culture vulture in you or spotting quality talent while relaxing on the beach. The Diocletian Palace is the city’s main nightlife venue. Here you’ll discover that anything can happen when you’re having a Split party.


Salou is the ideal stag party destination for those who want to avoid annoying crowds and top-notch beaches. Amazing beaches with blue waters and white sands, lots of bikini-clad women, and a nightlife that is absolutely bonkers!

Salou won’t burn a hole in your pocket, which is the best thing about it. Prices for accommodation and beer are very affordable. Nothing in the city will feel like a ripoff. The flights to Salou are often very affordable. You don’t have to go to Salou for your next stag do.


These are the reasons that make Malta an incredible stag destination.

Spend your day spotting talent at the beaches, and then head to St Julian’s, Paceville, or Marsaskala where there’s always more! You might be surprised to see Paul Oakenfold or DJ Tiesto at one of these clubs.

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