Get booking your 2021 Stag Party!

2020 feels like a distant memory. Make 2021 great! Lads, now are the best time to book your 2021 stag do. Although we lads tend to put off booking, next year’s demand will be very high. To ensure you have a great time, book your stag weekend early.

It’s a good time to book now to secure the best prices. As demand increases, so will the price. The lads can save more by booking early. We also offer an easy online payment system where all the stag parties can log in and pay. It’s easy to pay in instalments, making it even more convenient.

Although it may seem too early to book due to the current circumstances, we are an ABTA Company, so your package bookings will be safe. You should book any activities or destinations you are interested in. They will be in high demand and may not be available. Save the stress and book it now. After all, the missed celebrations and parties this year, who wants to go?

You give your lads something to be excited about, which is what we all need now. You can also book a date to ensure that all your lads are signed up for your stag party. There are so many parties next year; you don’t want anyone to miss it!

Let us take care of everything. We have been sending stag parties away for more than 25 years. We will be there for you if you have any questions. Let us take all the credit for the most memorable stag party while you let us do the rest. You only need to arrange the pranks and the fancy dresses!

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Friday, Oct 7, 2022
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