Although 2020 was not a great year for travel, things are improving, and we can now travel again. If you’re looking for a Stag Party, now is the right time. We have everything you need to plan a UK Stag Weekend or catch some last-minute summer sun. You don’t have to worry as all your packages will be safe and secure.

So, where do we go? I hear you cry, but don’t worry, we have options to suit every budget and restriction.

If you’re looking for a European vacation, here are our top 5.

Tenerife is the ideal place to enjoy the late summer sun. It also boasts a strip that is filled with outdoor bars and a lot of great restaurants. Marbella boasts one of the most beautiful marinas in the world, with super yachts and cars. You can sit at the bars and look at all the cars, boats, and girls. Amsterdam is perfect for Stag Weekends. With the red-light district, bars and cafes, you will have plenty to entertain you while remaining socially connected. Barcelona has it all. With so many bars to choose from, you’ll be able to keep the drinks flowing. Budapest is well-known for its outdoor drinking areas and ruin bars, so enjoying the fresh air is easy. You can also enjoy the outdoor thermal pools. You may find it difficult to choose between so many options and so little time, so you might need to book a weekend each.

These are our top 5 recommendations for the best late-summer getaways in the UK.

These top spots are great for a stag party! Nottingham is home to the UK’s only Hooters and has many bars, so social distancing will not be an issue. Newcastle is the party capital of the north, always available to give you the send-off of your dreams. There are many outside drinking options, including bars and restaurants on the harbourside. Brighton offers many outdoor events and beach bars. Manchester’s Deansgate locks have many outside bars so you can enjoy a drink anytime. Many activities and events can be done to keep your stag party busy all weekend.

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Friday, Oct 7, 2022
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