Birmingham is one of the best places to go on a stag weekend in the United Kingdom. You can find history and culture here and plenty of places to enjoy a beer and have a good time with your fellow stag friends. Birmingham is a party city.

These are some great places to go on a stag party in Birmingham.

1. The Real Peaky Blinders Tour

This is the perfect thing to do in Birmingham if your stag loves Peaky Blinders. You can see what Victorian Birmingham was like in the back streets of Digbeth. Carl Chinn, a local historian famous for his knowledge of the Peaky Blinders gang, will lead the Peaky Blinders tour. You can choose to end the tour with a traditional Victorian dinner at The Old Crown, Birmingham’s oldest pub.

2. The Glee Club

The Glee Club is a popular venue for music and laughter. It is located in Arcadian. It hosts hundreds of comedians as well as guest shows. Plenty of solo performers perform for the crowd and make them laugh. This place is a great choice for stag parties in Birmingham. You can find out more about secret shows and guest appearances at their website to ensure that your stag party doesn’t miss any special performances.

3. The Night Owl

The Night Owl is the perfect place for nightlife and partying. The Night Owl offers Northern Soul Dance Classes, great live music, and some of the most talented DJs in the city. It is a unique place that offers soul and retro music and is well-known for hosting after-parties. This is the place to be if you want to listen to some classical music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Here you’ll find everything Motown, Funk and Soul. No one will make fun of your old dance moves. This sounds like the Friday of your Birmingham stag weekend.


You can party like a king at PRYZM on Broad Street if you’re looking to have a wild stag weekend in Birmingham. This club is known for hosting some of the most fun parties in town and will let your stag party know that Birmingham loves to party. You will find four rooms that offer different sounds and visuals.

5. Revolution

This club is ideal for your stag party to have fun and dance in the city. This club is very popular for hen and stag parties. Enjoy being treated like royalty at the bar and enjoy amazing cocktails, shots, and plenty of music to dance to. You can enjoy all that this place has to provide at a very affordable price, which is the best thing about stag nights here.

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