Let’s talk about what it is, why you need it and how you can do it without causing any offence.

What exactly is a baby-stag party?

Although the title may seem confusing, it’s not a way to have a stag do with many adorable babies.

It’s more like a male/another equivalent to a baby shower for pregnant people. It’s not meant for pregnant women, but it is for non-pregnant members of the team.

What happens at a baby-stag party?

To be truthful, no one knows the answer. It isn’t well-established enough as a concept that it can be used to celebrate, so the options are pretty wide open for anyone who wants to use it.

L Plates can still be purchased, you can dress up (preferably in …)), and you can tie your baby stag to a lamppost naked if you feel the need. If your baby stag plans to have more children, it is best to tie him naked to a lamppost if the party is in decent weather.

What makes it so different from regular stag parties?

A regular party can be a way to celebrate before someone is married. However, a baby stag is likely to be the last opportunity to celebrate (at minimum for a while) a significant life change someone is experiencing.

What time should you travel?

The when is a key factor in the entire baby stag celebration. It is best to avoid going out within the first few days of the due date. It is important to plan your trip in a sensible way, as well as with your partner’s general health.

Before you go, how to be sensitive to your partner

Dear Father-to be,

Your dad’s career should not be ruined by insensitivity to the person currently developing a whole new person within you and all the wonderful side effects. The sore back, sore neck, sore…everything. Nausea, cravings and lack of sleep.

Get something unique for her.

Also, we recommend you arrange something for her when you are not there. This does not mean she cannot have parties or do other activities like dance the night away or drink alcohol. It could be a spa day or a mobile therapist coming to her house to give her a treatment.

You don’t want her to feel guilty for going out and having a blast while you are at home. She will be secretly mad at you for making her uncomfortable, but it is only half of your fault.

What kind of activities should you be doing?

This is dependent entirely on individual circumstances. A baby stag can be a day at the football, followed by night at the pub. This is unless, of course, you do it every Saturday (for now …).).

It doesn’t mean it can’t happen a weekend in Waterford or Dundee if that’s the case. Don’t you need many ideas? Check out ours.

Bubble football

You can host a stress-free baby-stag party with your friends, playing footie in a huge bubble. The bubble will protect the crown jewels and allow you to challenge Joey Barton without killing anyone.

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