We know you deserve a big stag after surviving the last few years. We also know your budget may be a little tighter because you have survived. Honestly, same. We’re very generous people, so we have compiled a list of 10 affordable stag parties to help you save money and get some advice. You’re welcome.

Footgolf in Glasgow

Everybody knows how huge Scotland’s second largest city is in football. They also enjoy a little bit of golf being Scottish. Although it might sound strange to combine the two, it isn’t as bizarre as you think.

We love the idea of being Rory McIlroy or Heung-Min Son at once. Golf balls can be a nightmare to find, while footballs are easy.

Dingle: Dodge, duck, dive & dip

You’ve probably seen Ben Stiller’s hilarious comedy, “Dodgeball” (or if not, why not?). You’ll be familiar with the 5Ds of Dodgeball. It’s a sport in which your only goal is to throw a ball at your friends to win.

Manchester football mania

Manchester is a UK football Mecca and its two most popular attractions are football-related. The Etihad Stadium in Man City is ranked number one on TripAdvisor. The National Football Museum is ranked sixth.

The Etihad Tours last between 1 and 2 hours, and they are affordable for a glimpse at one of Europe’s most exciting new stadiums. Pep can be contacted via virtual chat while you are there. As you discuss your preferred lineup, don’t forget to ask Pep where he finds all his amazing jumpers. Our partners need something for Christmas, and those Lynx gift packs are getting old.

Bristol axe throwing

This typically will get you an all-inclusive vacation in your local high-security prison. But, you can do it without worrying about a criminal record by Whistle Punks. Woohoo, right?

Take on The Cube challenge at Carrick-on-Shannon.

You can form your team to challenge your friends if your stag does enjoy a challenge. You can choose from various games to compete against your friends to claim bragging rights during the celebrations.

Leeds Heritage pub and beer tours

Although Leeds may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of brewing or distilling, it has a solid reputation. The Heritage Pub and Beer Tour is a great option for cheap stag parties.

Edinburgh club and bar hopping

The capital of Scotland is home to a wide variety of bars and clubs. They range from traditional to modern and ultra-chic. There are many options in Edinburgh, as Scots love a little refreshment on weekends.

North Wales will take your breath away (literally …)).

People visiting rural North Wales often mention sheep, cider, and Snowdon. The NW was once one of the world’s most important slate mining areas. It still produces high-quality slate, but the Welsh used the vast slate quarries to create adventure lands.

Three Zip World sites are located in North Wales. This means that if you are looking for a cheap weekend getaway, there are three options. Zip World offers Europe’s longest zip line.

Get out and enjoy water sports in Newquay.

But that’s not what you mean. These are actual water sports. You know, the kind of sports that take place in water. If you’re interested in surfing, the UK’s capital and the best-known coastal town is where you’ll find it. (See what we did there? ).

Belfast: Get out of jail without any restrictions

You’re looking for harmless fun that doubles as a life skill (should Her Majesty’s Pleasure …))? Bring your team along to the Prison Island Escape Challenge in Belfast.

You can channel your inner Steve McQueen and try to escape from the

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