We know the uncertainty surrounding booking activities, meals, and accommodation for a stag do during the Coronavirus pandemic. It might seem difficult to plan a stag do right now due to problems with indoor activities, suppliers closing, and the inability to get answers from anyone.

COVID Stag Party Ideas

We researched and compiled a list of COVID stag parties that your lads could still book or organize themselves.

Camping Weekend

Take the boys camping for a weekend in the wilderness. This COVID stag weekend idea is great because it doesn’t require too much planning and is inexpensive. It still allows your lads to spend quality time together.


There is no better way to celebrate the stag’s birthday than to pelt him with paintballs.

This is a popular stag party activity. It’s safe outdoors, it’s classic, and you can shoot each other. You can play in groups or have an all-out shoot-out where each lad plays for himself to see who wins.

Backyard BBQ

Are you looking for something outside that will allow you to get a meal while having a fun stag weekend? A backyard BBQ is an excellent COVID stag event idea!

Barbecuing with your guys on a summer evening is the best thing. You can make it casual, relax with your friends, or go wild and have a blast in your backyard.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a great COVID stag event idea. It’s outdoors, far from people and offers a unique experience.

Your stag party will enjoy cruising through a muddy driving course with hills, spills, and obstacles. A tour guide will be with you and the proper gear so that you have fun while staying safe.

Quad biking is the perfect activity for a weekend getaway if your group loves the outdoors and are passionate petrol-heads.

Spirit Tasting

A stag party is almost always accompanied by a few shots or pints.

You can use whiskey and bourbon that you have in your back cupboard to make your stag do plans. You can either create your tasting session using quality drops of your favourite drinks, or you can book a professional tasting session at a distillery/brewery with us here at The Stag’s Balls.

Old School Sports Day

This is also known as the “Stag Olympics”, and it’s a great activity for your stags to team up.

You might play giant Jenga, bean bag toss or archery. The catchphrase is another option. This old-school stag party idea will protect you from the outside world during a pandemic.

Bubble Football

Since COVID was introduced, “bubbles” have been a huge hit. Why not include them in your stag do plans?

Get your boys into giant inflatables, and let them run at each other while trying unsuccessfully to score goals. This is a fun activity for stags to enjoy together. You can form your teams to compete with each other. There will be hits, tumbles and hilarious tackles.

Water Sports

These water sports activities are great for stag parties during covid if you enjoy the outdoors and want to try new outdoor activities.

Watersports can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your stag group. You can try your hand at coasteering, kayaking and surfing. We know that watersports are a great option for stag parties and that all of the guys will enjoy them.

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