Don’t get bored with the same old idea of a Stag Do that involves drinking, getting shots, and then forgetting about the night. This is the most common way to celebrate a man’s last night in freedom before he says “I do”. However, it doesn’t have to be all that way.

These are unique ideas for stag parties that aren’t centered on the plot of the movie Hangover.

1. Favorite sports

Who doesn’t love to spend time with his favorite sport? You will know the groom’s favorite sport and can invite the rest of your stag party to join you for a day of playing, talking, and watching. You can plan an entire day of playing and watching matches. It’s likely that your groom friend will love playing with his friends. After all the sweating has subsided, you can always enjoy a chilled pint.

2. Travel

Destination stag dos in Prague, Amsterdam, London etc. These are all very popular trends in stag parties. But have you ever thought about taking a trip to the places you guys used to hang out? If your stag party is made up of college friends, why not go back to college and recreate the memories? You will go back to college and it will be great fun. You can also drive to the countryside for a camping or hiking trip, instead of going on a trendy destination stag party. For a stag party in the wilderness, you can fish, hike, or just enjoy nature.

3. House Party

There’s nothing better than having all the amenities of a pub or bar in your own home. You can organize a party at your home just as you did when you were young and make it a boys’ night. A stag party at home means that everyone in the group doesn’t have to worry about driving back, or about time limitations. You can have fun and party until late at night because it’s your house. The best man can also organise multiple activities for his stag party, and not just limit it to drinking and dining.

4. Adventurous Activities

It will make your stag party memorable and exciting by doing adrenaline pumping activities with your friends. You can go paragliding, shooting, dirt biking and scuba diving with your mates. Adventure activities offer more entertainment than sitting down to drink at a bar.

5. Hag Do

You can combine the hen and stag do to throw a wild hag do. This would be the last night of freedom for team bride and groom. You can plan a big party with the groom, groom, and their friends if you think it would be a good idea.


Planning a stag party that the groom will enjoy is key to ensuring he has fun with his friends and family. These three factors will make your stag party unforgettable. It can be hard to plan a memorable stag party if you wait until the last minute. Don’t wait and start stag-ging today!


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