We have compiled a list of virtual stag parties to help you plan your stag get and get your creativity flowing. You might find it difficult to keep up with the weekly family quiz. This week, this may be the perfect excuse to skip the next one.

Decide on your video technology.

Zoom was a word I hadn’t heard of until a few months back. It’s almost second nature to use it in everyday conversation, and COVID-19 has made it easy to include it in my vocabulary.

There are many other options than Zoom. Here’s some information to help you choose the best one for your virtual stag.


Maximum 100 participants

Meetings should not exceed 40 minutes

Facebook Messenger

Maximum 50 people

Only 6 people will be shown at a given time on the screen

Unlimited Meeting Time


Maximum 32 people

Unlimited Meeting Time

Everybody must have an Apple device


Maximum 50 people

Unlimited Meeting Time


Maximum 10 people

Unlimited Meeting Time

Google Hangouts

Maximum 8 people

Unlimited Meeting Time

Select a Theme

You can choose a theme for your Virtual Stag Party, just like at a real stag event. You all have a cream Armani suit at your home, right? You might find it difficult to put together an outfit at home, so choose something simple like loggers.

Stag Do Tunes

A good playlist is essential for any virtual stag to do! Choose amongst yourselves who will be the DJ. You can have them work on your playlist and keep the music playing in the background during the event build-up. They can also take your requests during the event.

Stag Party Drinks

This is my favourite part.

You should ensure that the fridge is fully stocked with beer and that all other non-essentials such as food and water are removed. Everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate their cocktail-making skills, or at least to attempt it.


Mix all ingredients with ice. Strain into a rock glass filled with ice.

To release the scent oils, squeeze the lemon zest shiny side down onto the drink.

Add the garnish to the dish, discard the zest and serve.

This is Your Life

In the weeks leading up to the big day, everyone should take as many photos as possible of the stag. Google slides, simple software that allows you to display your photos in a slideshow format, can be used once you have a Google Gmail account.

Stag Do Games

You are dressed, have a drink in your hand, and some decent music is playing. !

We know that stag-do pranks may not be possible right now, so it might be a good idea to turn on your Xbox or Playstation and play Call of Duty or Fifa.

Truth or Dare

This one is for when everyone is well-oiled, and their Dutch Courage levels have risen. The Truth is boring to me, so I might call it Dares. This will show who has the most Balls of Steel in the virtual Stag Party group.

What’s that, Dan? Have you got no fear? Okay then… We dare you to run up and down the streets screaming, “it’s not fair!” This should have been reused !’…

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Sunday, Jan 29, 2023
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