You’ve been asked to be your best man at your mate’s wedding. You have been chosen. We salute and acknowledge you. Did you think about the speech !!!! after all the backslapping, beer glass chinking and beer glass chinking? Dealing with the mother in-law The mother-in-law is the most difficult of all. The Stag Do!

We are sure that you know by now that organizing a group of friends is not as difficult as trying to catch an octopus using a pair chopsticks or manage a sheep flock. The organization aspect is only part of the challenge. Every member of the group will have a different opinion on what should be done for the weekend. No, not everyone will be granted a Las Vegas pass for two weeks!

Your prayers were answered. Your Fairy Godmother is here; your knight in shining armor has arrived. Although we aren’t sure that any of our tanks can be called shining, you get the idea! Armourgeddon has all the boys toys you could want in one location. We have tanks, guns, air rifles and quad bikes. There are also paintball, dirt tracks, military vehicles and more tanks. You can even find a pub within walking distance. This sounds perfect for your stag party. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs in the area that can help you win a Magali dance off. If you prefer a quieter night out, Market Marlborough or Lutterworth are both within 15 minutes.

We will help you create a budget-friendly itinerary by calling us with your preferred date. Our favorite stag party activities include a tank paintball fight in the morning followed by lunch at the pub. We can also arrange this for you on-site if necessary. The afternoon will include a variety of activities, including traditional woodland paintball, air riffle firing, quad bike safari and clay pigeon hunting.

We will take on any outdoor activity that involves guns, tanks, or mud. !

Wait! You haven’t done enough to organize the stag party yet, so why let the groom get upset? Don’t wait, let the committee decide! You can organize this party and plan whatever you like!

We have a wealth of local knowledge and can help you find accommodation and entertainment for every budget.

You’re responsible for the Best Man’s Speech. There are plenty of instructors on-site who can help, but we don’t have the time. Here’s a great starter for 10: One of our favorite Best Man Speech one-liners that will get you writing.

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Sunday, Jan 29, 2023
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