Three Drinking Games for an Exhilarating Stag Party

It is not an easy job to be the best man. The job involves many responsibilities, including organizing a memorable stag party and delivering a funny and memorable best man speech. Stag Weekends can help with the planning of a stag party, but best men still have to do some of the work.

One of these responsibilities is to entertain the boys with great drinking games. We have three great options for you to entertain your guys with drinking games.


The Centurion is an easy game. The basic idea behind the Centurion is to consume 100 shots of beer within 100 minutes. Although you may think this sounds like a lot for a game of drinking, it is not.

Unaware of the danger, players will begin the game thinking it is easy. You will feel it when you get to 80 shots. The winner is the man who has taken 100 shots the most.

I have never

The uni drinking game everyone loves. The rules are simple for those who don’t know them. Everyone in the group is asked to tell the other one thing they have not done.


The game begins with players sitting down and placing their pint glasses in the middle. The first player pours their drink into the glass. This is their wager. The player on the left flips the coin. The first player to guess is the winner. The player on the left will pour the contents of the glass if the guess is correct. However, if the guess is wrong, the player on the left must down the contents of the glass.

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Friday, Oct 7, 2022
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