The Epic Stag Party, which you and your friends had spent months organizing, has ended. Don’t worry! You don’t have to stay at home to have fun.

The Stag Party can still have a mark, and we at The Stags Balls are here to help with some creative coronavirus stag parties ideas!

Our tried-and-true Stag’s Balls schedule of activities, food and night activities has been followed. Although you may be unable to meet the guys in person or get away from your family for a few days while they are gone, we recommend our Coronavirus Stag Party ideas.


Unfortunately, there is only one choice here. It’s to STAY HOME!

Daytime Activities

Darts Virtual Stag Party Competition

What you will need: Dartboard, darts and internet connection.

Video apps such as Zoom, Houseparty and Skype have increased in popularity due to the Coronavirus pandemic. These apps allow you to communicate with each other and can even be used for other purposes, such as a Virtual Darts Stag Party Competition. Make sure you decide who will take the scores and that all players are aligned so they can see the board and throw.

Throwing children

What you need: Empty plastic bottles, children

There is no reason to think children are not allowed at stag parties. If you have children, this is better. We do not recommend that you use the children of others. It is important to prepare the surface. Make sure the floor is clean and shiny. Please pick up your child, grab some empty plastic bottles and gently toss them towards the bottles.

Spirit Tasting

You will need spirits, glasses, and a bucket.

A large number of hen or stag parties have made whisky and gin tasting classes their preferred activity. Everyone has a few bottles/liquor collecting dust in their press boxes. Now is the right time to dust them off and get rid of them.

The Coronavirus Olympics

What you will need: All your everyday household items. Take a look around your house to find out what you can find.

Stag Dos love The Cube, so we created our own game based on it. You can compete against other stag party members using one of the many available video chat programs. You can also create challenges similar to the TV series that test your throwing, speed, memory, and ability to balance using everyday household items.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.


What you need: A willing and capable partner, sexy intimate lingerie (for yourself)

This one will require a lot of suckling up to the Mrs.-to-be in advance. We encourage you to give compliments daily, cook dinners, listen, and be a good partner.

Room Crawl

You will need 2 or more bedrooms, alcohol, snacks, and family participation.

Pub crawls are an essential part of any Stag Party. Unfortunately, like many other things, the Coronavirus temporarily ended this. You can create your pub crawl right at home! Now that you have stocked up on beer let’s start dispersing it in various rooms throughout the house. Each room can be a pub!


What you need: Smart attire, decent tunes

The best place to host a stag party is the kitchen. You should make sure that the floor is clean and ready to go for some stagy dancing. Make sure you have some music and disco balls/lights on hand. Turn up the volume!

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