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Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019
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The approximately 40 km-long quad tour – one of the most popular stag weekend activities in Budapest – winds through forests, between and under bushes and trees, across streams and up and down hills. It is a real trial of strength. The programme is held 20 km / 12 miles from Budapest city centre.


The guide will meet you at a previously-arranged time and location and the bus taking you to the location will arrive 20 minutes later.
Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the quad centre you will be given instructions, you will receive your crash- helmet, hygienic mask and overalls and after a little practice, once the length of the tour has been chosen, the strenuous quad tour will begin!
The minimum number of participants is generally 8. In the case of smaller groups please ask for a quotation.

Guiding price and available tours:

1 hour long quad tour : € 58 / £ 50 / person
1.5 hours long quad tour : € 81 / £ 70 / person
2 hours long quad tour : € 90 / £ 78 / person
4 hours long Quad tour : € 156 / £ 135 / person

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