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Wednesday, Sep 18, 2019
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Through pistol shooting, this very popular stag weekend activity in Budapest, we ensure the use of shooting facilities, even to those clients who have never tried shooting before. Shooting looks so easy in movies! Casually popping a few rounds: Bang… Bang…Bang… But actually, it is not that easy at all! Shooting on target needs precise aiming, focused concentration and you need to know how to hold the gun properly and when to pull the trigger!
The guide will meet you at a previously-arranged time and location and the bus will pick you up 30 minutes later. We will take you to the best-equipped shooting range in Budapest where you will have the opportunity to try 4 handguns: the Glock 9mm, the Magnum 357, the MCM and the 0.38. During the programme each participants will shoot 50 rounds. Trained and practised experts will familiarise you with the safety rules and with the most important information regarding the firearms. They will supervise the entire shooting activity. Each guest will have a personal instructor as they shoot.
The minimum number of participants is generally 8. In the case of smaller groups please ask for a quotation.
Guiding Price: €44 / £38 / person

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